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The Pan Handler Fish Filleter

D & D Enterprises is a distribution company that carries a proud tradition of providing it's customers with quality products and services. Now for the first time on the internet, We at D & D will be providing you with the same offers that all of our customers enjoy. On our showcase is the new Pan Handler Fish Filleter.

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The New Pan Handler will make your filleting so easy that you may never have to clean a pan fish the conventional way again. Made from space age plastic right here in the United States, the Pan Handler is the answer to all your Pan fish fileting needs.

New!! The Pan Handler Fish Filleter. It's one thing to catch a Panfish, another to clean them! The Pan Handler Fish Filleter is a revolutionary new product that actually cuts the time of filleting Panfish in half, with virutally no wasted meat !

The filleter has two parts with a flexible double bladed knife and a small black box that opens and closes with a hinge in the middle.

After removing the head, the user places the fish inside the box and closes the lid, securing the fish. The knife then slides through the middle of the box from end to end producing two clean clean fillets and a thin sheet of bones that are discarded. The Pan Handler can be used by a novice who has never cleaned fish with perfect results every time.

Besides slicing the perfect fillets in one easy motion the Pan Handler is the safest way to clean Pan fish ever invented. Don't worry about those ugly messes either because cleanup is a snap. Just remove the flexi metal plates and wash. With no crevices to hold the mess in, it just flows away with soap and water.

For best results: Use Pumpkin Seed fish up to 10 1/2 inches in length such as Blue Gills, Sunfish, & Shell Crackers. Use Crappie, Specks & Callico Bass up to 11 1/2 inches.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Take a look for yourself at the ease in which you can fillet a Panfish. Just follow this link
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If you would like to see some testimonials on this follow this link to our testimonials page
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Have we sparked and interest? If so you can order the Pan Handler Today. Just call us toll free at 1-888-FIL-LETS that's 1-888-345-5387. Operators are standing by so don't let this incredible opportunity pass you bye. Right now you can order the Pan Handler Fish Filleter for $39.95 (U.S. Currency) plus tax(Wisconsin Only), shipping, and handling. And if you Order and mention this page you can recieve a free instructional video on preparation and use of the Pan Handler. Add $3.95 (U.S. Currency) shipping and handling for video plus sales tax

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