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Immaculate Conception Parish, located in peaceful downtown Saukville, is a parish that traces its origins to 1847 when the first Catholic settlers gathered occasionally for Mass if a visiting priest was available. By 1856 the process of forming a parish was begun. It wasn't until 1858 that a little stone church was erected.

By 1875 the number of parishioners had so increased that the little stone church was now inadequate. The present structure was erected providing capacity for over 400 worshippers. This church continues to serve the needs of our Catholic population. The ethnic composition has been historically German, through continued growth has expanded the ethnic composition of the village and of the parish.

As might be expected in an older area, which is experiencing growth, some parish families trace their ties to when the parish was first established and some families have begun their ties to the parish only recently.

The parish is composed of a healthy mixture of persons: those who are older, those who are younger and those who are of middle age.

It is projected that the Saukville area will continue to experience growth and undoubtedly so will Immaculate Conception Parish.

You are invited to join us for weekend or weekday Liturgy and experience the flavor of our parish life.

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